Meet the artist, Lee & Lucy

Yes! We are a team. Husband and wife. 

"We believe you should follow your "ONEIRO" or "DREAM",

living it and enjoying it." 

We are lucky to find the same passion: Photography & Travel. We are studying and learning diligently about the art of photography. We travel around the world with a camera in our hands, capturing a lot of beautiful faces and what our beautiful world has to offer. As fine art wedding photographer, we want to make sure we capture all the moment of your DREAM become REALITY.


He grew up in Ohio, raised in Greek family, studied television radio production & photography in college. He also served in U.S. Navy & Army. He DREAMED to see the world. "I knew this was how I could see the world." He has seen beautiful places when he was on duty. He sailed the Caribbean & the Mediterranean Sea, seen the magical crystal blue waters, he was "DREAMING" about one day taking his family to the trip and getting lost in the beautiful places. Then, his DREAM came true.
He took some trips along with his family visited UK, Europe and Asia. "Every travel has an unique experience, every city I visited has an interesting corner to photograph, objects even friendly faces to be captured with my camera. All photos speak a million words. All photos brings memories to keep forever in your heart."
Now, he is working in the event & Commercial photography.

Her story is bit different. She was "being meticulous and patience" to manage corporate finances and became a success in the business world for two decades, till one day she started feeling something "missing". She loves to bake a beautiful cake for family & help her son to do art crafts. Her soul always longing for making something beautiful, creative and memorable. Several years ago, she started to pick up the camera which she had an interest in for a long time and big thanks for hubby who is her mentor of taking the best photos and the confidence she has now.
"The more I learn about the the technique of photography, the more I am falling in love with it!" Her DREAM came true, she found her true passion turn into job she loves. It does sound Cliché, but it is happening to anybody who believe in their DREAM and be patience. With her camera, she could see and capture the beautiful angle of every objects or places every corner she goes.
When people ask me: "what kind of photography equipment you use?"
I tell them, "my eyes."

Lee & Lucy